Let's Work Together

I'm selling a limited number of pre-sale packages for STPR presale is $75 per driver/car/team.*

This package will include digital downloads of ALL images that showcase your specific car / team, with full rights to use the images as you please. The package will also include a print release to make sure you don't run into issues with printing the images if you choose to do so.

If you choose to not purchase the presale....after the event, images are priced at $12 dollars PER image, so the presale deal is a steal!

Additionally, if you're unable to attend STPR due to illness or previous event incidents/issues, a full refund will be returned to you prior to the event.

Your support via presale package helps me get the approvals I need to you the best images for you at the event!


  • If you're already a client of mine, you're locked in with your original pricing from your first sign up!
  • If you're a brand or media outlet, please contact me for additional information/pricing.
  • If you are a worker or volunteer your photos are free, just send me a note!